ceturtdiena, 2012. gada 9. augusts

Lakerland wonders.

Dwight Howard is a Laker. Are you serious? This trade is anything, but logic.
Let's star with those two teams, who came up, just this morning. Philly.
Philly traded their franchise player, for a guy who's maybe going away in free agency. They had a team, that had a great couch, who's had a best TEAM, in my opinion. Balanced scoring, great defense, and good young prospects, in Lavoy Allen. They are still there, but there is no perimeter defense and huge athleticism, in Andre Iguodala. Philadelphia searched for some dominate bigman, but why do you give up such a player like Iguodala? J-Rich will never give such a defensive presents like Iggy did, but maybe Doug is going to make a Big 3 from Jrue, Evan and Andrew? No, he is not. Philly gave up big piece of their soul, and came up with dominance under basket. I still like Philly, and I await for play-offs, to see what are they capable of.
Denver. I love Denver, and will love it even more. They will miss one of the best league guard defenders, but gets not much worse defender in Iggy. He's like Afallo's atacking upgrade. He just had to be paid more. Now i think Denver HAS the best TEAM in the league. Great bench, big hustle and good coach. Can Denver be better? Ty Lawson can, as he's being considered to be their franchise player.
Now let's get to the biggest centerpiece. Orlando Magic. Magical trade!
Free tickets to Orlando game? No thanks, I'll better switch to women's curling. Afflalo is great upgrade at defense. Al Harrington is pure scoring forward. He'll fill Ryan Anderson's 16 points per game, he had, when he left Orlando, maybe not his 7 rebounds per game, but he's still pretty good player, even from the bench. Nikola Vucevic ? I'll take that. Mo Harkless? Lets watch this from other side. They will have A LOT of young talent in future. AT LEAST one of them, must be a solid player. Orlando hopes so. I'm not.
LA LA LA LA LAKERS!! What have we learned from lockout? What is lockout? Forget that. Lakers fans were all like "Steve Nash? This is going to be the best season"! And what now? Can I hear LA fans already making NBA championship parade on the streets? LA Medical Center full-filled with heart attacks?

pirmdiena, 2012. gada 23. jūlijs

Dwight Howard trade.

Dwightmare is warmin' up!
Dwight's agent Dan Fegan has become an Lakers fan anti idol. He's again coming up with "Dwight won't sign anywhere except Brooklyn, anywhere except Brooklyn, blah blah blah". It looks like Dwight and Dan don't talk often. "Sources close to Dwight" has told, that he's being excited about being a Laker, but Dan Fegan is all about "Brooklyn, Brooklyn, Brooklyn".
I would better worry about this trade from other point. Andrew Bynum. Guy with a HUGE potential (Potential, from synonym dictionary - possible but not yet actual [is it?]). Cleveland, is the winner for year 1. They get good guy, at least for 1 year. Charlotte did good move, trading for veteran Ben Gordon. Don't care about the money, you must attract at least ex-Allstar level players, to revive your franchise. Cleveland gets Bynum, who first time plays with point guard who has such skills - Kyrie. Who said he won't get more ball, unlike Lakers? He will. Who doesn't like it? Everybody likes, belive me, Andrew likes it even more.
Dwight? Lakers may get to the finals. Lakers may get title. They may get pair of them. Maybe more. But Cavs MAY get franchise changer. At least for season.
That's a lot for them!